Who Buys Canadian Coins in the U.S.?


We do! We are Euro Coin Exchange, the leading buyer of Euro coins in the USA.

Canadian FlagOur customers depend on us to buy their Euro and British coins, and old European banknotes.

Did you know that Euro Coin Exchange is a major buyer of Canadian coins, too?

Whether you have a pocketful of coins left over from a Canadian vacation, bags of Canadian coins from a vending route or cash vault, an unwanted collection, a big jar full of Canadian coins or just a few Loonies or Toonies you want to convert to spendable cash, Euro Coin Exchange is your #1 choice.

And we also buy Canadian paper money.

From 5 Canadian dollars to C$500 (or more), we can help with unsurpassed service and security – all backed by our 100% Safe Exchange guarantee.


If you’ve ever tried to exchange foreign coins at your local bank, you’ve probably been disappointed to learn that banks only buy PAPER MONEY.

Banks have no use for foreign coins.

The same problem occurs when you have just a few foreign bills which you want to convert to dollars. Many U.S. banks don’t accept foreign currency, and those that do impose restrictions and complications which make your transaction inconvenient and uneconomical. From service charges as high as $25 (or more), to $100 minimums, to “service available at the main branch only” – the list goes on and on.

If you live near the Canadian border, or in South Florida, Arizona and other popular tourist destinations, you see a lot Canadian coins. They show up in your pocket change, in your cash box, and often in coin rolls you buy from your local bank. Unfortunately, many stores won’t accept them and your bank won’t buy them back from you. If you deal with lots of change, this can be a big and expensive problem.

Euro Coin Exchange solves all of these problems for you – safely and conveniently.

“Do you mean I’m not stuck with all those coins?”

Don’t take “no” for an answer. At Euro Coin Exchange, we say “Yes, you can.”

  • Yes, you can sell your Canadian coins (All of them, from your Loonies and Toonies right down to the pennies!).
  • Yes, you can sell your British coins.
  • Yes, you can sell your Euro coins.
  • Yes, you can exchange your foreign bills for dollars, even if you just have a few.

How it works
Simply mail your foreign coins to us (we accept notes too) and we will promptly exchange them for US dollars at our published rates with NO HIDDEN FEES, no commissions, no extra charges and no bogus expenses. In most cases, we will mail you a check within one business day of receiving your coins. See our FAQ’s page for complete terms and conditions.

Learn more about how our service works by clicking HERE.

We welcome you to explore our family of websites. You will find valuable information about the currencies we buy, the services we provide to individual consumers and businesses, fundraising opportunities for your group or organization, tips for mailing your coins inexpensively, ways to donate your foreign coins and bills to the charity of your choice, and so much more.

Can’t find what you need? Give us a call toll-free at 855-EUROCOIN (855-387-6264) and we’ll be glad to help you.

If you have Canadian coins or bills to sell, we’re ready to convert your Canadian coins into U.S. Dollar bills!